Terms and Conditions (Web/Online Sales)

1. Applicability
These terms and conditions are applicable, in the version valid at the time the order is placed, for all types of goods and services provided to customers by Bamboo Friends Limited , unless the sales contract or other agreement concluded by and between Bamboo Friends Limited its customer contains written provisions to the contrary. Any other statements or communications to be provided shall be valid only if made in writing.

2. Identification
Bamboo Friends Ltd.
County Wicklow, Ireland
Email : info@bamboofriends.ie
CRO: 661507

3. Orders and Agreement
All offers made by Bamboo Friends Limited are without obligation. An agreement is made between Bamboo Friendsl Limited and the customer when the customer places an order and it is accepted by Bamboo Friends Limited. Ordering is performed by transmitting the fully completed online order form. By clicking on “confirm”, the customer is giving an ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE, which has the same status as a handwritten signature. Bamboo Friends Limited accepts the order by sending an order confirmation to the customer via email.

4. Prices
The product price is the price displayed in EURO €, for the item or the service at the time of ordering. All product prices include VAT at the applicable rate.